Aawaj International Voice of the Voiceless Pvt. Ltd was established by a team of devoted young professionals aiming to reach the socially excluded and poorest dalit, janjati, women and children in hopes of building a self-developed community. Aawaj International Voice of the Voiceless Pvt. Ltd is a service-oriented organization established in 2014 under company act 2063.

It aims to provide social services in multiple sectors, including research and training, initiating enterprising activities, income generating activities, infrastructure, construction, youth mobilization and many more. Aawaj International specializes in producing documentaries, radio/television programs, drama, jingles, radio/television promotion, music video and more. It records voice-overs for documentaries, and films. Audio/visual production and presentation is at center in this organization. In addition, it aims to advocate for social justice via youth-focused entrepreneurship.

“Developed,transformed and prosperous society.”

Aawaj International aims to “Promote sustainable development of society through capacity building and maximum utilization of local resources with outcome of a self-developed community.”

“A self-dependent and capable society which manages its basic needs and
fundamental rights through maximum use of available resources…”

1. Conduct service oriented, research, informative and development program for the
widespread development of the nation and progress of the just society in human
rights, environment protection, cultural heritage, habitat, women and children, formal
and non-formal education, consumers’ right, drinking water, population, disaster,
humanitarian aid, industry, agriculture, forestry, culture, language,
technical areas.
2. Conduct adult education, child education for basic literacy and run income generating,
skill development and vocational training program for youths. Work in partnership
with different agencies for social service, awareness rising, and life skill development and to encourage youths providing guidance.

3. Conduct awareness activities against drug abuse, girls trafficking, prostitution and
run counseling & rehabilitation centers for the people living with HIV/aids, drug
users, disabled, etc.

4. Work for development and protection of local ethnic and minority language .
5. Conduct research, trainings, workshops, seminars, and interaction programs for
fulfilling the above objectives and publish the reports.
6. Work on production and broadcasting of awareness or business oriented jingle,PSA,add,music video,documentary,drama,short film,movie,radio/tv program and event management .
7. Conduct employment oriented training and consultancy for entrepreneurship development.


Our team:

S.N Name Designation
1 Mr. Shashi Sharma Majgainya President
2 Mrs. Binita Subedi Managing Director
3  Mr.Kamal Subedi Director
4 Mrs. Sarita Khadka Account Manager
5 Mr.Hemant Sharan Bagale International Relation Coordinator
6 Mr.Narayan Poudel Human Resources Coordinator
7 Mr.Saroj K.C Producer
8 Mr.Lokendra Oli News Editor
9 Mr.Dev Bahadur Sunar Marketing Coordinator
10 Mrs.Sreezana Prokhrel Administrative Officer
11 Mr.Prakash Adhikari Program Officer
12 Mr.Sudip Pokhrel Account Officer
13 Mr.Sandesh Shah Video Director/Editor
14 Mr.Prem Raj Lamichhane Anchor/Artist
15 Mrs. Sirju Adhikari Anchor/Artist
16 Mr.Laxman Lamshal Recordist
17 Mr.Dev Raj Acharya Cinematographer
18 Mr. Prasanna Dangi Cinematographer
19 Mrs. Sanchita Pathak Anchor/Artist
20 Mr.Shant Shishir Graphic Designer
21 Nabin Chaudhary Video Colorist
22 Sanju K.C Speaker