Kathmandu, July 9 : The government has passed the master plan on prevention of child labour. The master plan prohibits child labour in all sectors.
A meeting of the Council of Ministers passed the master plan on Sunday.
As per the master plan, the use of children as domestic helpers, porters, farm workers, in collection and trafficking of narcotic drugs, in the carpet weaving, embroidery and hosiery, in brick kilns, in mining sector, in the entertainment business (including sexual abuse), and in the transport sector has been prohibited.
Similarly, the use of child labour has been banned in foreign employment sector, in the mechanical and chemical industries, construction sector and hotel and restaurants and as beggars, street vendors and medicinal herbs collectors.
All these forms of child labour have been declared serious crime and draw maximum penalty in case of non-compliance.
The master plan has also brought the strategy of reviewing the policy, laws and institutions related to prevention of child labour, of creating a strong and conducive environment through programmes aimed at enhancing the capacity of stakeholders working in the child labour prohibition sector and of regular monitoring, search, rescue and rehabilitation of victims of child labour as well as rehabilitating them in society through targeted programmes.
The master plan has provisions for implementing programmes for the prevention of child labour and for providing the required support to the family of children at risk of child labour. It also has strategy of establishing collaboration, coordination and network among the stakeholders.
The master plan has named the federal level, local level, province level, civil society and non-governmental organisations, the media and IT sectors, the business and private sector and trade unions as the responsible bodies to work for prevention of child labour in the country.
The main goal of the master plan is to put to an end all forms of child labour in Nepal. It has also set the target of banishing the exploitative and worst form of child labour until 2022 and all types of child labour until 2025.
Minister for Labour, Employment and Social Security, Gokarna Bista, had taken initiatives for passing the master plan.

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